Factual Friday

by tessa8m on November 15, 2013

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Mornin’ to yee!

I know this was well over a week ago, but thank you for the support and well-wishes on my last post regarding getting back to running! I have enjoyed a few similar runs since then and have felt elated during and after each one. The only issue is, now that I am (pretty) sure getting back to my former state of running is a possibility, I want to get out there as much as I can to keep experiencing that high. However, I am not dumb enough to do that, have learned the hard way how this is simply not OK for my body, and am making myself take it slow. Just because I’m feeling better does not mean I can now push myself, quite the opposite if you ask me.


Had a glorious one last week… still happy from it!

Now is the time to be continuously careful, LISTEN carefully to my body, and again, take things slowly… but surely. As a matter of fact just a few days ago I went out for a run hoping to experience the energy and joy from that other day, yet my legs were simply not having it. After a mile or so, I stopped and went for a walk instead and while such actions do f*ck with my mind a bit, I understand it’s both the right and necessary thing to do.

At this point I plan to run (or attempt to) 1-2 days per week and see how my legs and body feel from there. 2-3 days of the week will still be either strength training, walking or elliptical and at least 2 days are/will be complete rest. Such a “schedule” is certainly not set in stone and really what it comes down to is gauging how both my mind and body are feeling that day. I’ll keep writing updates on this whole business as time passes.

Enough of the blabby-blab for now! It’s high time for me to throw some facts at you on this delightful Friday, though really it’s just a post where I can update and spotlight things to tell you in a easy-to-write list format. Although I do love to write lengthy novels on specific topics, sometimes it’s nice to ramble on with the organization of lists. Okay yeah you get it (durr on my part), allow me to get to it!


Fact- As a result of my sporadic blogging, there have been events in the past few weeks that I neglected to tell you about… ones I wish I had taken the time to do when the respective events occurred! On that note, I hope you don’t mind hearing about Halloween one more time, especially now that Thanksgiving is knocking at our door. But I do have to share my costume for that night, as it’s basically my favorite costume ever worn and I certainly plan to showcase that bad boy again!

Can you guess what I am?!

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 11.02.00 AM

A LOOFAH! Homemade costume… check. All it took was 20 or so yards of tulle, two stretchy bands, a lot of thread, a rope and most importantly, MOM’s help (as I would have never been able to do this myself/blown up with frustration in the process) and VOILA, favorite costume.

And what about the brother, what’s his costume? (This game is fun)

photo 3

A (very ;) ) sexy Lumberjack! Tehehee silly broski, how I love him!

The other event I neglected to tell you about was MY BIRTHDAY, which was exactly a week ago on November 8th. Ahh yes, I am officially the big 24 and although I understand in the grand scheme of things how that in fact is not old, I errr feel like it is. I have many more thoughts on from my birthday and aging in general, so stay tuned for that in the future! I didn’t do too much on my birthday which was fine by me (again, more explanation on this later), but I did receive a gorgeous cake from my co-workers when I came in the next day for work.


This huge disk of chocolate was on top of the cake and half of it was consumed by the end of the night. Would you like to see a picture of the actual cake? Me too :( Alas though, my iPhone sh*t the bed last week and lost a number of recent pictures, from early 2013 and on. I’m trying not to be too upset about it… though I’m planning to go to the Apple Store next week to possibly recover missing pictures.

Fact- Alright so that was quite the lengthy first fact! Anyway, speaking of that silly sexy lumberjack above, my brother and his wife are going to be having a BABY! In March :) First grandchild of the family and they found out last week they’re having a girl… weeeee! Just call me Auntie Tessa


Fact- I have not bought new running sneakers in quite some time, for obvious reasons, so yesterday I decided it was time to treat myself! Plus now that I am getting back to the sport, I really do need new shoes, ones that are not worn down and barely have tread left. I was only planning on buying one pair, but a certain color of Nike Frees spoke to me from the shelf and threw those in too. Rarely do I buy anything for myself, as I’m a cheap bastard, but felt these were both a great purchase, especially because I’m on feet constantly at my hospital job.

photo 2

Asics will forever be my choice of running shoes!

photo 1

Fact- Buzzfeed articles can be all at once, entertaining, dumb as rocks, sad, cute, irritating, and hilarious. I would say that each of these can be found in this particular article, Ranking Every Episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I used to be OBSESSED with this show… watched each season a number of times and just ahh it holds a special place in my heart. While I disagree with the author of the Buzzfeed article on a few fronts, I did find myself nodding and smiling with nostalgia. Anddddd I think next time I have several hours/days to waste, they will be filled with Buffy watching overload. Excited.

My personal favorite episodes? Hush, Once More With Feeling, Becoming (part 1 & 2), Something Blue, Tabula Rasa, The Body, Fool For Love…. okay way too many favorites, I could go on, but will refrain for now ;)


Fact- Recently I was asked via email if my food intake has changed at all as a result of taking major steps back from eating. To answer simply, NO it has not and in fact, I’m eating more than ever… and not feeling terrible/awful/fatty-fat-fat/loser <— That’s the good stuff right there. Obviously I want to elaborate on this at a future date, but now is not the time. I’m sure it will be a lengthy one and actually I have to get my rear and gear and get ready for work!

Evening shift tonight and then off for the weekend :)

-If you are 100% sick of answering this question (especially now that the holiday is over), feel free to gloss on over… what was your favorite Halloween costume ever? Besides the loofah, I was a bag of jelly beans one year, also an epic costume.

-Are you an aunt/uncle (<– not sure if a single dude reads here). How much of a role do you play in their life? I seriously cannot wait to meet this new baby, although they’re not too fun until about 6 or so months of age if you ask me ;)

-Are/were you a Buffy fan? Best episode ever?! Hush… boy did that one scare the bajeezus out of me, but a fantastic one nonetheless.

-What are your plans for the weekend? Any races to speak of? I shall live vicariously through you.

I hope the rest of your Friday is a delightful one and I will pop back in here again soon!



Easing Back In

by tessa8m on November 7, 2013

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I’m here I’m here! Only let two weeks lapse this time… not too bad right?! ;)

This post is inspired by what happened last night. For the first time in nearly two years, I went for a run where I had no pain, no fatigue radiating throughout my legs and body, I felt light, springy… feelings that I thought I would never experience again. Please please please, let me be coming back to the sport I love so very much.

For the record, I did not jump from zero to running 3 miles overnight, I’ve been working up to it… but this is the first time the pain, dead, heavy feeling has simply not been there.

Allow me to back up a bit here.

For those who do/have not read my blog before or with any regularity, I will summarize this relentless issue as briefly as possible. It all started almost exactly two [...] Continue Reading…


Thursday Thoughts + Updates

by tessa8m on October 24, 2013

in Book Review,Thursday Thoughts

Thirsty Thursday! Or whatever. How’s that for an intro.

Ahh yes so a week and some change has lapped since my latest post (aka rant) and while I would actually like to be blogging more often, there simply has not been time! In the past 3 weeks, I have worked 19 of the 21 days, and while I know there are plenty of other people out there who work way more than I do (or ever have), this is a lot for me. Because of this, blogging takes the backseat of activities during my free time, just not feeling it enough to make it a priority.

However, you will hear no complaints from me, as I still continue to love the job! Though I can’t say all 19 days have been at the hospital, there has been some babysitting thrown in there too.

What is most appealing about the job in the [...] Continue Reading…


Time For A RANT

by tessa8m on October 13, 2013

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I’m just popping in for a hot second here in order to share something that really grinds my gears. It ticked me off enough to feel compelled to share it immediately, for the shear rage it enlisted and also the sad fact that such titles and content continue to gather such attention.

As we are all aware of at this point, Google reader is a thing of the past and once this occurred during the summer, it was necessary to find another similar site. I made my choice of Bloglovin for its simplistic features and have been happy with the website… until today that is. Though it’s not really fair nor accurate to blame Bloglovin itself, but it’s the platform that spurs my (possibly over the top) reaction.

At the top of the website, there are a few tabs, “Home,” “Popular Posts,” “Find Blogs,” and “Feedback.” After watching this week’s episode [...] Continue Reading…


WIAW- Eating The Food

October 9, 2013

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Haven’t Talked About This In Some Time

October 2, 2013

So clever with titles yes? Errrm no. Ahh noooo it appears that, yes indeed, I did it again. Britney speaks for me (no need to tell me how original I am being with the above usage of song and gif… I kid ). Though slightly incorrectly as it’s not an oops I am going for […]

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Thursday Thoughts

September 12, 2013

I’m sitting here with a blank post screen in front of me, ready to articulate the thoughts that are whirling through my head, but seemingly unable to actually START writing! Okay, just did it. Phew glad that’s out of the way. A common complaint I read on blogs and one I heartily agree with, why […]

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My New Job

September 10, 2013

Two posts in a row, what is this madness?! Ehhh I’m in the mood, plus I wanted to take a hot second to thank you all for your support and words on yesterday’s post! As I said before, confidence is a word we hear about ALL of the time and one that has been in […]

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