What’s Left To Give?

May 29, 2013

Evenin! There was a few different times I sat down at my computer and attempted to put together a What I Ate Wednesday post… it being that oh-so-special day in blog land, but also because I haven’t done one in ages. Unfortunately though, the stars were not aligned for such an endeavor, and I am […]

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“Battles and “Fights”- Too Much?

May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day to all who acknowledge and celebrate the holiday! Although the traditional form of celebrating Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, usually involves at least one BBQ, I can’t say I will be partaking in such events. That is fine though as I enjoyed a nice, low-key and relaxing weekend, something that […]

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Handling What’s Next

May 23, 2013

Hey howdy hey! (name that movie ) *I’ll give you a hint I really need to stop making claims of when I am going to get a post out next… this one for example, was supposed to be published on Tuesday and uhh clearly that did not work out. It’s important to remind myself that […]

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And Then This Happened

May 20, 2013

Good morning! What a warm welcome I received on Friday’s post, thank you for making the transition back here rather pleasant I also cannot go on with what I want to say today without first acknowledging the incredible support I received from so many of you. There are many reasons for my recent eagerness to […]

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Starting To Explain

May 16, 2013

Is there anyone alive out there, can anyone hear me?! Let me first say, I have genuinely missed you ALL. Alright perhaps not the most cheerful way to open up a post, but I thought this line from Titanic fit the bill for a way over-due greeting. Seriously though, I’m not sure if anyone is […]

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No Words.

April 15, 2013

Good evening Everyone! I just wanted to check in quickly to tell you all that I did in fact not venture to go see the Boston Marathon today. I have a major exam tomorrow along with a Pharmacology quiz and realized I needed to get my priorities in order to succeed in both tests. For […]

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Factual Friday

April 12, 2013

It is raining/sleeting/snowing in these parts- my jamamas (what I called pajamas when I was younger, couldn’t say the “P”!) are on my body, my hair is wet, and a frozen yogurt delight awaits me for dessert. Aka there is no way in heck-fire I am going out, or even making the attempt! Of course […]

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WIAW- Check Yourself

April 10, 2013

Morning to you! I’m glad there were a number of you who shared some of your own embarrassing stories after reading my own account! I’ll have you know that I’ve been back to my gym since that day and haven’t seen that poo-head boy and his slow clapping. Hopefully I will never again! Haha unrealistic […]

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